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Budget Steering Committee

    Meeting Type:Budget
    Meeting ID:2018-05
    Meeting Date:Mon February 05, 2018 04:00 PM
    Location:Council Chambers, 360 Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario
    Chair:CN=Denis Carr/OU=CITYHALL/O=CityCornwall
    Prepared By:Cindy Delgreco, Financial & Risk Management Coordinator



    Chair, Councillor Carr called the meeting to order at 4:07 pm. A quorum was present.

    Council Committee Members:
    Claude McIntosh, Councillor
    Elaine MacDonald, Councillor
    Leslie O'Shaughnessy, Mayor
    Bernadette Clement, Councillor
    Mark A. MacDonald, Councillor

    André Rivette, Councillor
    Carilyne Hébert, Councillor
    Justin Towndale, Councillor

    David Murphy, Councillor (left at 5:36pm)
    Denis Carr, Councillor

    Maureen Adams, Chief Administrative Officer
    Tracey Bailey, General Manager, Financial Services
    Paul Scrimshaw, Accounting Manager/Deputy Treasurer
    Justin Cordell, Budget and Cash Coordinator
    John St Marseille, General Manager, Infrastructure and Municipal Works
    Mark Boileau, GM, Economic Development, Planning, Parks and Recreation

    Geoff Clarke, General Manager, Corporate Services
    Pierre Voisine, Fire Chief
    Bruce Donig, Deputy Fire Chief
    Elsie Bissonnette, ITT Supervisor
    James Fawthrop, Division Manager, Parks and Recreation
    Bob Peters, Division Manager, Economic Development
    Stacey Ferguson, Administrator, Social & Housing Services
    Cindy Delgreco, Financial & Risk Management Coordinator


    There was one deletion, presentation by Not So Amateur/Amateurs. The Agenda was approved as amended.


    No disclosure of interest was identified.


    Motion to adopt the following Minutes as presented.

    January 29, 2018 Budget Steering Committee Meeting
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    Moved By: Councillor M. MacDonald
    Seconded By: Councillor Towndale

    Motion: Carried

    The following consent items were requested to be moved to Communications for discussion at the next meeting;

    Item 1 Property Tax Increase of the Average Residential Property Over the Term of the Financial Plan

    Item 2 Historical Tax Levies / Taxes - Residential Class

    Item 3 Assessment and Property Tax Information - Commercial Class

    Item 4 Municipal Works - Yard Redevelopment Plan

    Item 8 Transit Subsidy Rate (2015-2018)

    Moved By: Mayor O'Shaughnessy
    Seconded By: Councillor Murphy
    Motion: Carried


    Financial Services

    Tracey Bailey, General Manager, Financial Services and Treasurer and Elsie Bissonnette, Information Technology and Telecommunication (I.T.T.) Supervisor presented the Financial Services 2018 budget submission.

    Financial Services includes the Accounting and Auditing, Budget, Tax Department, Purchasing Services, Insurance and I.T.T Services.
    • The overall increase to the operating budget compared to 2017 is $112,502 of which $85,264 is related to salaries and benefits. No change in staffing levels from 2017 to 2018. The increase in costs is related to incremental and contractual obligations. Councillor McIntosh asked how much of the 3.93% increase is related to cost of living. Ms. Bailey indicated that employees move through their incremental grids over a 2 year period at approx 1.5% to 2% for each step. It was noted that Cupe 3251 is currently in negotiations. Further discussion explained benefits and OT that have remained static.
    • The increase in Purchase of Goods is related to hardware and software. All hardware and software for the Corporation flows through ITT and is then charged out to the departments with a recovery recognized within ITT (see Internal Revenue). There are additional increases related to ITT Infrastructure which are needed to maintain the integrity of our systems.
    • The increase in Services and Rents is attributed to annual licenses / maintenance costs for software programs, such as USTI, CMIC, City View, Class, and Telestaff which are used by many City departments. New increases in 2018 relating to annual maintenance include annual subscription and maintenance for the Cyber security application.

    Both Councillor Clement and Councillor McIntosh asked Ms. Bissonnette about the new position approved in 2017. Ms. Bissonnette responded that the added resource has allowed us to better serve the user community and deal with a backlog of projects. Issues dealt with include software installations, hardware installations and phone type installations.

    2018 Proposed Capital Projects

    Elsie Bissonnette spoke to the five projects that have been identified in the 2018 Budget:

    Microsoft Office Upgrade ($40,000)
    • This is the final year of a three year capital project to replace Office 2007 to Office 2016.
    • The purchase of licenses will upgrade users to the latest technology affording the use of enhanced productivity tools which is considered to be an enhanced utilization of time.

    SharePoint Implementation ($355,000)
    • ln 2016, the Social and Housing Services department began an Electronic Document Records Management Systems (EDRMS) project. This project was approved by the Ministry of Community and Social Services and by the City of Cornwall's Council at budget time. An RFP was issued and a consultant was retained to create a strategic plan for records management. The consultant worked with the records management committee to determine the roles and responsibilities of staff for a successful implementation and then provided the guidelines for the technical requirements. Committee members participated in training on how to maintain & administer a records management program.
    • The ministry is now offering a records management solution that will fully integrate with their provincial software program within the next five years. (SAMS – the provincial program that administers social assistance). As a result of this, this project was transferred to ITT to continue the essential process of records management and cultural innovation for the Corporation.
    • SharePoint will be the platform for a Corporate Wide secure records management system which ensures legislative and regulatory compliance (including Freedom of Information requests) as well as other risk-management concerns, such as litigation. SharePoint will ensure the safeguarding of the City’s vital information, including historical records. The EDRMS component will automatically enforce compliance to the corporate records retention bylaw.
    • SharePoint is an industry leading platform for team collaboration, web portals, intranets/extranets, enterprise search, content management, business integration, business intelligence, document sharing, integrated applications, customized workspaces, internal blogs, corporate wikis, shared calendars, workflow forms, business process management and application development.
    • This system addresses the Strategic Plan - Strategic Pillar 4 - Governance & Administration - vii. Centrally organized archive system.
    • Councillor Rivette asked had we acted sooner on the project would we have received the ministry funding? Ms. Bailey indicated we followed their timeline and direction and all cost incurred to that date were funded by the province.
    • Councillor Murphy asked what was wrong with our current system. Ms. Adams responded that we do not currently have an EDRMS and records are currently kept in various formats and at various locations within the City.
    • Councillor Towndale asked what other benefits SharePoint would offer. Ms. Bissonnette noted that SharePoint could be the platform for: application development, Corporate lntranet, team collaboration websites, web portals, content management, business integration, business intelligence, document sharing, integrated with Corporate applications, customized workspaces, internal blogs, corporate wikis, shared calendars, workflow forms and business process management.
    • This system addresses the Strategic Plan - Strategic Pillar 4 - Governance & Administration - vii. Centrally organized archive system.

    Corporate Email Replacement ($73,000)
    • Noted above, included in the 2018 Budget Submission is a centralized Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) and is the driver for this project, replacement of Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office.
    • To mitigate the cost of email integration (estimated cost of $66,000) into SharePoint, the current solution would be to transition from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook.
    • Corporate applications that reside in Lotus Notes (Purchase Requisition, Payroll Timesheets, Vacation Scheduler, Marriage & Lottery Licence, etc) will be transferred to SharePoint. The creation of these and other applications will be easier in SharePoint.
    • Benefits of replacing Lotus Notes with Outlook: Outlook will run on a Microsoft Exchange Server which will allow for seamless user and object management on the network; Integrates seamlessly with a Microsoft suite of productivity solutions as most software solutions are created to use Outlook for their email functions, for example: Cityview (Building Services Inspector software) requires a “work around” to get the email component of the software to function and the end result appears unprofessional; Familiar platform for new employees; Simplified client setup and troubleshooting; Security appliances have built in tools that can be used with Outlook only.
    Desktop Virtualization ($340,000)
    • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the practice of hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine (VM) running on a centralized server. Essentially it takes your computer and makes it a file that is stored on a server.

    The benefits of moving to VDI include:
    • Application upgrades are completed by upgrading a single file on a server; therefore, the requirement to deploy the upgrade to each computer is eliminated. This will drastically reduce user downtime and redistribute ITT resources.
    • A user can log onto any device on the network and have access to all of their applications and data.
    • There are instances where a user requires one version of software to run an application and a different version of the same software to run another application. This requires a great deal of time and resources to manage the PC.
    • Decreases in downtime caused by PC failures.
    • Saves money and it is a Green solution. The purchase of PC's will cease and a very small computing device will be substituted. This small device will save $700/unit and will use half the electricity.

    Upgrade Accounting Systems ($90,000)
    • Periodically, an upgrade of the accounting system is completed to take advantage of new efficiencies/technologies and also to receive continued support from the supplier. The last system upgrade was completed in 2010. In 2017, the City included $160,000 in total budget for the upgrade. The request in 2018 is for the hardware requirement.
    Councillor Murphy noted the 10 year Capital plan is higher in 2018 and asked if we could reduce Capital to $500K to bring it in line with future years? Ms. Bissonnette responded that if there was a project that could be deferred it would be the Desktop Virtualization. Ms. Bailey noted that this project is financed and deferring would not have an affect on 2018 budget submission, but would have an effect on future year operating budget as it relates to debt payments ($60,000/year).

    Discussion took place around caller ID on cell phones and desk phones. Caller ID on the Telus Cell phones require an upgrade from Telus, cell phones will only identify callers that have been included as a contact on the cell phone. Councillor Rivette suggested that Administration should set-up the contacts on the councillors cell phones. It was the feeling of the Committee that when calling out from a City phone line it should say City of Cornwall and not private caller/unknown number. Ms. Bailey said that we are in the process of updating City phones to display "Cornwall" when calling externally.

    Councillor Rivette asked for the next Council if tablets/notebooks would be better used instead of laptops or the desktops in council chambers for councillors. Ms. Bailey indicated it would be at the choice of the individual councillor as to their preference.

    Parks and Recreation

    Mark Boileau, General Manager, Economic Development, Planning, Parks and Recreation and James Fawthrop, Division Manager - Parks and Recreation presented the Parks and Recreation 2018 budget submission.

    Mr. Boileau noted that the contract position for the EAB program (Arbortist Supervisor) has been incorporated into one position, that of Parks and Landscape Supervisor. Councillor E. MacDonald asked if the Supervisor would now be doing double duty. Mr. Boileau responded that the person previously supervising the EAB program was the successful candidate as Supervisor to Parks and Landscape and feels that the work load is manageable. Mr. Fawthrop noted that at the starting of the EAB program the work was onerous but a few years in it is getting more manageable.
    • Increases in Salaries and Benefits represent incremental and contractual obligations. Also, there is a significant increase to the cost of Part-Time salaries as a result of Bill 148 minimum wage increase. Discussion took place around Bill 148. Questions were asked relating to a reduction in the cost of benefits with the new OHIP+ coverage of prescriptions for under 25. Mr. Clarke will provide the Committee with further details relating to OHIP+ and the impact it will have on the City.
    • The increase in the Purchase of Goods is related to safety supplies and materials for the Adopt-a-Street program. Also, the budget includes the purchase of a scissor lift and an ice surface laser level system for the Civic Complex. Mr. Boileau explained the efficiencies and cost savings that these items could provide. Councillor Murphy asked if these items could be financed, Ms. Adams responded that this type of equipment doesn't fit the typical equipment that would be financed. Councillor Murphy asked Mr. Fawthrop if the ice leveller could wait in which Mr. Fawthrop replied yes, we are doing it manually now so we could continue with status quo.
    • The proposed budget includes an increase in Services and Rents related to contracted services to bring it in line with the three year average.
    • Overall there is a reduction in revenues budgeted for 2018. This is largely due to a $58,500 decrease in event revenue which was related to a single special event booking in 2017 that didn’t materialize. The 2018 Event Revenue has been budgeted slightly higher than the three year average.
    • The proposed budget includes an increase for Class Software maintenance. The current software is no longer supported and the department will be going out for RFP for alternatives for their scheduling program.
    • Aultsville Theatre has requested an additional $16,270 of funding as compared to previous years. Mr. Boileau noted this additional funding of $16,270 has not been included in the 2018 budget submission. Mayor O'Shaughnessy asked the status of the loan request by Aultsville. Mr. Boileau responded that the City has agreed to provide a $23,000 loan. Mayor O'Shaughnessy requested a report for Aultsville Theatre's 2018 budget. It was requested by Councillor Clement to highlight in this report when they would have received the last increase. Administration to report back.

    2018 Proposed Capital Projects

    Mr. Fawthrop provided an overhead presentation of the 2018 Capital budget.
    • Aquatic Centre Pool Lighting ($80,000) project will consist of replacing the existing overhead lights which have deteriorated/corroded due to the harsh atmospheric conditions (chlorine) in the pool area with new LED lights. The LED lights will result in energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.
    • Benson Centre CN Land Acquisition ($230,000) for the CN property located west of the Benson Centre and the spur line property west and north of the Benson Centre which CN has identified as surplus.
    • Emerald Ash Borer ($300,000) is the program dealing with the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species which kills ash trees. The program involves the removal of infected ash trees, treating existing ash trees, and planting new tree species. This capital project is a continuation of the program as approved by Council in 2014. In 2018, staff will be targeting the area along the Guindon Park Trail System. In addition to the Guindon Park EAB work, staff will continue to monitor our ash tree inventory throughout the City and ash trees found to be in poor condition will continue to be removed in 2018.
    • Civic Complex and Aquatic Centre Floors in Dressing Rooms and Showers ($110,000) are in poor condition and require replacement. The existing Aquatic Centre dressing room floors are a "Roll Out" style flooring material which was installed as part of the original construction of the facility in 2005. This material was originally selected due to affordability, but throughout it's 12 years of service has proven to be an inferior product for this high moisture environment. It is proposed to replace this flooring using a traditional ceramic flooring material which is a proven product for this type of environment. The Civic Complex hallway and dressing room floors have reached the end of their life and require replacement. It is estimated that the flooring is over 25 years old. Councillor Rivette mentioned the heavy rubber floor that was used in the Bob Turner. Mr. Fawthrop explained the type of flooring hadn't yet been decided but that type of flooring would be considered.
    • Bicycle Pathway Repairs ($50,000) address health and safety issues with the trail systems within the City's boundaries. The section of path along Vincent Massey Dr. from the City's westerly limits to the east entrance of Guindon Park is proposed to be resurfaced. The condition of this section of path has deteriorated to the point that remedial action is required. Since it's original construction, frost heave action has lifted stones beneath the path to the surface creating bump hazards. Councillor Rivette questioned if the path would be widened during this process. Mr. Fawthrop noted that there are currently 2 widths of bike paths in the City (approx. 8ft and 10ft) and this project would be to overlay the existing path only. Councillor Rivette also asked if there is available funding that is similar to the funding for Active Transportation. Mr. St. Marseille responded not for maintenance, only new commuter routes.
    • Playground Structure Replacements ($120,000) are designed and constructed to meet current accessibility standards and safety standards. Every second year, the Department of Parks and Recreation propose to replace two playground structures. The existing play structure at Ashwood Green Park is proposed to be replaced and a new structure is proposed for the Benson Centre. Discussion took place around how it was determined which park would receive new equipment. Mr. Fawthrop and Mr. Boileau explained that the Recreation Master Plan guided the decisions on which parks were in need of play structure equipment. Councillor Rivette asked if Ray Lalonde Memorial Park could be given consideration for 2018 replacement. Mr. Fawthrop will provide to the Committee a report outlining the current distribution of playground equipment and the dates the equipment was installed.
    • Civic Complex Public Address / Arena Sound System ($55,000) has reached the end of its life expectancy and is in need of replacement. The existing system amplifiers date back to the original construction of the facility in the 70's and it's estimated that the existing system equalizers and mixers were updated in the late 1980s or early 1990s.
    • King George Park Washroom ($50,000) project involves the conversion of an existing portable into a public washroom for King George Park. The portable was acquired through the purchase of a former school property at the corner of Ninth St and McConnell Ave. Along with converting the portable to a washroom, it will need to be transported from its current location to King George Park. Since the demolition of the former clubhouse at the park, the City incurs a cost of $1,200 per year for the rental of porta potties to provide temporary washroom facilities throughout the summer months.
    • Civic Complex Parking Lot, Exterior Stairs, and Walkway Improvements ($125,000) require repair due to being in poor condition. The existing concrete ramps and stairways at the arena exit doors have deteriorated and pose a health and safety risk. There are also numerous areas of the existing sidewalk around the facility that are in poor condition and require spot repair. Councillor E. MacDonald asked when we could look at closing in the front entrance to address the stairs. Mr. Boileau explained that in order to address the front entrance to the Complex, it would have to be in conjunction with another larger project (ie. Art Centre).
    • Guindon Park Road Improvements ($50,000) project proposes to surface the higher volume gravel roads using compacted recycled asphalt (generated as part of the City's asphalt resurfacing program) to improve the driving surface and reduce the ongoing road maintenance requirements. Local road and drainage improvements are also proposed. The existing gravel roads in Guindon Park require regular maintenance in order to address potholes.
    • Civic Complex Main Concourse Renovations ($75,000) will include painting, signage updates/improvements, and lighting updates.
    • Docks at RCAF and Guindon Park ($80,000) are aging and will need to be replaced. The 2 docks at the RCAF are being proposed for 2018. Discussion took place around the ramps and issues with power loading as well as discussion relating to a launch fee.
    • Arts in the Park Improvements and Art Display Infrastructure ($30,000) project will involve the purchase of required materials to create an Arts Market as part of the Arts in the Park programming in Lamoureux Park. The materials to be purchased will include tables and chairs for art vendor booths as well as materials to construct a collapsible structure to display the vendors' art. Also included in the project is the purchase of additional park furnishings (table and chairs) to be set up closer to the bandshell which will create a more comfortable and family friendly experience. Discussion took place concerning the frustration around the problem of goose droppings and also the concern that their is little shade to escape the heat from the summer sun. Councillor Clement asked if the Recreation Advisory Committee had been contacted for input. Mr Fawthrop indicated they meet monthly with the Committee and do seek their input; however, they have not brought forward the Capital budget presentation to them.

    Councillor E. MacDonald wondered how may kids are subsidized for swimming lessons and wanted to know how an individual would make an appeal to the City for subsidy. Stacey Ferguson, Administrator, Social & Housing Services spoke to Social Service programs. This would not be a typical benefit offered by Social Services but in 2017 they purchased 500 swimming passes that were given out to clients. This was 100% funded by the province.

    Councillor M. MacDonald asked what the long term plan was for the football field at Joe St. Denis. Mr. Boileau indicated that they are looking at the Benson Centre as a possible location for the football field at which point the property at Joe St. Denis could be looked at to sell for development. The long term plan identifies that the project would be undertaken in 2022 - 2023.


    Mark Boileau, General Manager, Economic Development, Planning, Parks and Recreation presented the Waterfront 2018 budget submission.

    Waterfront Development includes the contribution of $80,000 (3rd installment) to the Point Maligne project. The plan moving forward is to apply for matching funding through Federal and Provincial grants.

    Way finding signage of $46.6k ($32.6k from tax base) is not included in the budget but has been included in this presentation for the Committee's consideration. As detailed in Council Report 2017-14PDR-RS, HoTC proposed to install Wayfinding Signage in seven areas in and around Lamoureux Park.

    Motion to put the amount requested for Way Finding Signs into the budget.

    Moved By: Councillor Rivette
    Seconded By: Councillor M. MacDonald
    Motion: Carried

    Economic Development

    Mark Boileau, General Manager, Economic Development, Planning, Parks and Recreation and Bob Peters, Division Manager - Economic Development presented the Economic Development 2018 budget submission.
    • Mr. Boileau noted the staffing change of one contract staff has moved to a full time position as Tourism Coordinator. Councillor McIntosh asked about the impact of the change, as benefits for a contract position would be less that of a full time position. Mr. Boileau explained there were no changes to the overall budget in Tourism compared to 2017. Tourism's overall budget is $180,382. No increase from 2017 budget.
    • The increase in Services and Rents is due to the forthcoming redevelopment of the website ($52,975).
    • The increase in grants is due to a grant received from the Province of Ontario for the redevelopment of the website.
    • Mr. Peters outlined the marketing budget at $200,000 being the largest budget item and this has not increased from 2017.
    • Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre (CBEC) is in it's 21st year of service in our Community. The CBEC overall budget is $286,908 which is fully funded by the province.
    • The Programs section includes cost related to three active Community Improvement Programs: HoTC, Brownfields and Renaissance. There is no significant variance from the 2017 budget.

    Discussion around the Destination Marketing Fee (DMF) took place. Mr. Boileau indicated they have been speaking with the Ministry and noted some municipalities have passed By-laws and are collecting these fees. The fees collected go back to tourism. If the City began this project, the collection of fees could start mid-year. Mr. Peters noted that a report will be going to Council outling the program.

    A discussion regarding trade shows, job fairs and the importance of attracting not only businesses but new residents, with a focus on immigrants, took place.


    Public Information Co-ordinator

    At the meeting of January 29, 2018 a motion was made that Administration prepare a report on the Public Information Coordinator recruitment process; the impact of this position and the impact on delaying the recruitment process including what is currently happening as the position sits vacant.

    The report was included for review and Ms. Adams spoke to this report. Ms. Adams provided books that had been prepared which included samples outlining the work performed over the past 12 months by the Public Information Coordinator. This work included City Hall Bulletins, media releases, social media posts, open houses, surveys and more.

    The communications outlined in the handout would represent about half of the workload of this position. Other tasks would include social media, twitter, facebook and website updates. Working with departments in respect to communication plans, this position is a main resource in coordinating public engagements, open houses and surveys.

    Motion was brought forward to recommend to Council for approval that the Public Information Coordinator recruitment process be restarted.

    Moved By: Councillor Clement
    Seconded By: Councillor E. MacDonald
    Motion: Carried

    Motion for a report from Administration to provide a list of the specific items included in the 2018 Budget that would be non-essential/non-recurring.

    Moved By: Mayor O'Shaughnessy
    Seconded By: Councillor Rivette
    Motion: Carried
    This report is to be provided after the February 9th meeting and before the next scheduled BSC meeting.


    There were no New Business items.


    Listing of Reports


    Friday, February 9, 2018 (9:00am-3:00pm)


    The Budget Steering Committee meeting was adjourned at 9:18 pm.