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Budget Steering Committee

    Meeting Type:Budget
    Meeting ID:2018-10
    Meeting Date:Fri March 09, 2018 09:30 AM
    Location:Council Chambers, 360 Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario
    Chair:CN=Denis Carr/OU=CITYHALL/O=CityCornwall
    Prepared By:Cindy Delgreco, Financial & Risk Management Coordinator



    Motion to move into a Closed Meeting at 9:00 a.m. to address matters pertaining to Section 239 (2) and (3.1) of the Municipal Act, 2001.

    A meeting or part of a meeting may be closed to the public if the subject matter being considered is:

    Item #1, Report 2018-01-BSC(C), Uncollected Receivables
    b) personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local
    board employees
    Action Taken at In-Camera Meeting: Council received this report.


    Chair, Councillor Carr called the meeting to order at 10:00 am. A quorum was present.


    Council Committee Members:
    Claude McIntosh, Councillor
    Elaine MacDonald, Councillor
    Leslie O'Shaughnessy, Mayor

    Maurice Dupelle, Councillor
    Bernadette Clement, Councillor (arrived at 9:15 am)
    Mark A. MacDonald, Councillor
    André Rivette, Councillor
    Carilyne Hébert, Councillor
    Justin Towndale, Councillor
    David Murphy, Councillor
    Denis Carr, Councillor

    Maureen Adams, Chief Administrative Officer
    Tracey Bailey, General Manager, Financial Services
    Paul Scrimshaw, Accounting Manager/Deputy Treasurer
    John St Marseille, General Manager, Infrastructure and Municipal Works

    Mark Boileau, General Manager, Planning, Development and Recreation
    Norm Quenneville, Manager, Glen Stor Dun Lodge
    Pierre Voisine, Fire Chief
    Geoff Clarke, General Manager, Corporate Services
    Stacey Ferguson, Administrator, Social & Housing Services
    Len Tapp, Division Manager, Transit Services
    James Fawthrop, Division Manager, Parks and Recreation

    Manon Levesque, City Clerk
    Cindy Delgreco, Financial & Risk Management Coordinator


    As there were no additions or deletions, the Agenda was approved as presented.

    Moved By: Councillor Rivette
    Seconded By: Councillor Towndale

    Motion: Carried


    Councillor Murphy declared a conflict of interest relating to report 2018-42-BSC Civic Complex Revenue/Cost recovery, contracts with independent companies, as he is employed by a local Company.


    Motion to adopt the following Minutes as presented.

    1 March 2, 2018 Budget Steering Committee Meeting
    Click for detail --> March 2, 2018 Budget Steering Committee Meeting

    Moved By: Councillor Murphy
    Seconded By: Councillor Rivette

    Motion: Carried


    The following consent items were requested to be moved to Communications for discussion;

    1 Edible Landscape
    2 Civic Complex Revenue/Cost Recovery
    4 Marina 200 - RFP Background

    Motion to receive consent item 3 as presented.

    3 Review of City Pools

    Moved By: Councillor Hébert
    Seconded By: Councillor M. MacDonald
    Motion: Carried


    1 LTFP - Residential Taxation and Household Income

    Motion to defer LTFP - Residential Taxation and Household Income awaiting report on the Progress Fund.

    Moved By: Mayor O'Shaughnessy
    Seconded By: Councillor Murphy
    Motion: Carried

    Ms. Adams spoke to the requested report on the Progress Fund. Ms. Bailey and Ms. Adams have been speaking with KPMG and will also be consulting with the City auditors. It's felt the report will take approximately 3 weeks to produce. Ms. Adams did note that this report may not impact this budget process.

    Councillor E. MacDonald was happy to hear Ms. Adams clarify that this may not impact the budget and felt we should not wait 3 weeks for this report and tie it into the 2018 budget. The $25M Progress Fund is half as much as the discretionary budget and should not be tied into the annual budget.

    Mayor O'Shaughnessy was unsure if a cost savings could be realized but felt until the report is received, it is not known if there could be an offsetting factor to the 2018 budget. Mayor O'Shaughnessy suggested that once the report is ready, that KPMG and the auditors could attend a meeting to respond to the Committee's questions.

    Councillor Rivette asked about the information received from the Province this week through AMO relating to new standards in place to earn higher interest rates. Ms. Adams explained the current funds are in a program called One Funds and the City would need proper strategies to divert from that portfolio. Discussion will take place with Administration once it's decided whether the strategy for the Progress Fund remains the same or if another strategy is implemented that benefits the City and its residents.

    Motion to accept the 2018 Budget Submission at 5.9% increase.

    Moved By: Councillor E. MacDonald
    Seconded By: Councillor Hébert

    Councillor E. MacDonald spoke to the her point for this motion. She stated that if the Committee doesn't accept the 5.9% increase, then they would be looking to cut where they can't cut anymore. The current circumstance is no ones fault, there are external factors and the City needs to deal with this head on.

    Councillor Dupelle expressed that he was not thinking the budget was even close yet and asked whether the report on the proposed cuts was the end. Ms. Adams explained the items in the report were on the last meeting and the items were gone through one at a time. She noted if there are items that council wants to look at we could certainly do so.

    Councillor McIntosh highlighted that 5.9% would be the biggest increase in the history of the City and feels saying $129/yr for the average household is not nothing.

    Ms. Bailey brought two items to the Committees attention; Raisin Region and the EOHU's budgets came in with a $27K reduction. The previous amounts provided were estimates and the budget figures have now been finalized.

    Councillor Hébert supports the motion. The cuts are impacting services which are having an impact on the residents of the City. Councillor Hébert expressed her disappointment that they haven't been able to inform the residents of the impact that the MPAC assessments have created.

    Councillor Clement expressed that she is in support of this motion and made clear she realizes this increase is high and it will be difficult for some residents in the community. She feels council needs to take responsibility knowing what they know; MPAC issue, deferred investments and raided reserves. She noted that when looking at the LTFP, it predicts tax stabilization in the long run.

    Councillor Carr mentioned the continued talk to the "average" household (ave=$167K) but emphasized there are alot that don't live in the average household. He mentioned that last year 1.7% increase was more like 2% when you look at the $800K over budget.

    A recorded vote on this matter resulted as follows:

    Votes For = 3 Votes Against = 8

    Councillor E. MacDonald Councillor McIntosh
    Councillor Clement Mayor O'Shaughnessy
    Councillor Hébert Councillor Dupelle
    Councillor M. MacDonald
    Councillor Rivette
    Councillor Towndale
    Councillor Murphy
    Councillor Carr
    Motion: Defeated
    Motion for a detailed report on staffing levels across the Corporation.
    Note: this will be discussed In-Camera.

    Moved By: Councillor Dupelle
    Seconded By: Councillor Murphy
    Motion: Carried

    Discussion took place around the report request. Ms. Adams asked for a better understanding of what was being requested as there is the breakdown of staffing in the Budget Binder (tab- Staff Compliment, 29.1 - 29.3). Ms. Adams explained the numbers are broken down by; Department, Full Time (head count), Part Time (hours) and then a column which shows the change from 2017 to 2018.

    Councillor Dupelle detailed he would like to see a spreadsheet that shows the department, position title, hours, etc so the Committee can speak to Administration on levels across the Corporation.

    Discussion ensued relating to in-camera versus public.

    Ms. Levesque spoke to the discussions that would need to take place in-camera. She suggested that Councillor Dupelle's requests could require discussion both in public and in-camera. If the discussion is general in nature and would not identify an individual it could be spoke to in public. She noted that subjects need to be planned out very well and the she (Clerk) and the Mayor work closely to determine what is in-camera.

    Councillor Carr noted that Ms. Bailey spoke to the MPAC assessment but he believes the general public doesn't understand the impact. Councillor Carr requested;
    - How much did it cost the City (damage to our Economy)
    - What can we expect for next year
    - Where are we going with the plea's with MPAC

    Motion for report on City Property and Assets (undeveloped land, failed tax sales). Note: this will be discussed In-Camera.

    Moved By: Councillor Towndale
    Seconded By: Councillor Dupelle
    Motion: Carried

    Motion was brought forward to recommend to Council a hiring freeze for 2018, effective immediately.

    Moved By: Councillor Rivette
    Seconded By: Councillor Murphy
    Motion: Carried

    Discussion took place around imposing a hiring freeze and the requirement that when a job is vacated it would be brought to council if the position needed to be replaced immediately.

    Ms. Adams explained positions vacate for reasons other than retirement. Mr. Clarke identified there are 77 employees eligible to retire in 2018, they have received 3 so far and there are 4 more planned. Over the last 3-4 years the City typically experiences 18 to 22 retirements per year.

    Consent Item 1 Edible Landscape

    Councillor Hébert thanked recreation for the information and explained that the intent of her original motion was not to convert our current beds to incorporate edible landscape with the flowers. Councillor Hébert was looking for something to be brought to Council that would provide a cost analysis, comments from departments, comments from community agencies, comparisons from other municipalities, etc.

    Mr. Boileau spoke to this report that was written working with Mr. Fawthrop and Mr. Porter and that in the future the department would be happy to bring forward more information.

    Councillor Hébert will bring forward a request for further details relating to edible landscape at a future council meeting.

    Consent Item 2 Civic Complex Revenue/Cost Recovery

    Councillor E. MacDonald asked Recreation, if there was anything new they were thinking of at the Complex.

    Mr. Boileau identified that they could be doing more with promotion of events by taking a different approach. Currently we have a building for rent and haven't participated in the promotion of events. The 5,000 seat facility is not being used to it's potential. We are seeing other communities with similar facilities co-promoting events (ie. Peterborough) and will be taking a closer look at the impact this has.

    Motion to receive report as presented.

    Moved By: Mayor O'Shaughnessy
    Seconded By: Councillor Towndale
    Motion: Carried
    Consent Item 4 Marina 200 - RFP Background

    Motion was brought forward to recommend to Council to go out for an RFP for the Marina 200 operations in 2019.

    Moved By: Councillor Rivette
    Seconded By: Councillor Murphy
    Motion: Carried
    Councillor Rivette noted that the contract for Marina 200 has been in place since 2005 (13 years) and feels we need to go back out. Councillor Rivette wanted to also comment that the City is not closing Big Ben or Marina 200, the City is just no longer funding Big Ben and through an RFP process the City could see if someone will come forward to run the facilities.

    Councillor McIntosh requested some information on the Grey's Creek Co-Op Marina. Mr. Boileau will provide this information to council by email.


    Listing of Reports


    In-Camera Meeting Monday, March 26, 2018 (3:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

    Next Regular Meeting at the call of the Chair.


    The Budget Steering Committee meeting was adjourned at 12:08 pm.