Cornwall City Council 

Planning, Development and Recreation
PREPARED BY: Mark A. Boileau, General Manager, Planning, Development and Recreation 
REPORT DATE: 06/17/2019
MEETING DATE: Jun 24, 2019 07:00 PM
SUBJECT:Cornwall Arts & Culture Centre by Mark Boileau, General Manager, Planning, Development and Recreation, and James Fawthrop, Division Manager, Parks and Recreation



To provide Council with a presentation on the status and progress to date on the Cornwall Arts and Culture Centre.


That Council receive Report 2019-06-PDR-RS.


In 2018, Council approved the purchase of 159 Pitt Street as the location of Cornwall's new Arts & Culture Centre. +VG Architects completed a 'fit test' review of the property and provided construction estimates for various renovation/addition scenarios at $4M-$6M.

The City plans to fund the cost of the Arts & Culture Centre by borrowing the funds (financing) and through a community fundraising initiative. In December 2018, a fundraising group came to Council and presented the group's plan to raise $1M for the Arts Centre. To date, the Arts Centre Fundraising Committee has raised $248,510 through donations and events. Of this amount $109,778 has been collected and deposited to the Arts & Culture Trust Fund reserve account.

As investment rates increased over the past year, so has borrowing rates. Borrowing $5,000,000 over 25 years at 4.25% would equal approximately $325,000 in annual principal and interest charges.

Expenses incurred to date of approximately $474,000 include the purchase of the building, legal fees, and the design concept review.


The proposed Arts & Culture Centre project is identified as a priority within the City's 2016-2018 Strategic Plan under the Quality of Life pillar.


The purpose of the presentation by Mark Boileau and Jamie Fawthrop is to: provide a brief history and chronology of the proposed Arts and Culture Centre for Cornwall; provide visual slides of Arts Centre properties recently visited in Eastern Ontario; and to provide an outline of the Requests for Proposal for Architectural and Engineering Design for an Arts Centre, to be established at the former Bank of Montreal (159 Pitt Street) drafted by staff and to be issued this summer.


Cornwall Arts and Centre Black Box Presentation.pdf

Motion to receive the presentation.

Moved By: Todd Bennett, Councillor
Seconded By: Claude E. McIntosh, Councillor

Motion Carried


June 19, 2019 01:37 PM
Mark A. Boileau
General Manager, Planning, Development and Recreation
June 19, 2019 01:40 PM
Tracey Bailey
General Manager, Financial Services
June 19, 2019 01:49 PM
Maureen Adams
Chief Administrative Officer